One of the most neglected part of the personality of a man or woman is shoes . Shoes are often not t given that importance which it should get . The qulaity of a shoes specally in case of a man show a great deal about his financial condition at that point in life . And in the case of a lady , the design and color of a shoes or stelatoes give clear indicatin of her fashinable nature .

Different variety of shoes —

There are variety of shoes depending on the nature and job which we do . For example, for a professional who goes in office , the shoes should reflect his position and office work. Similarly the sportman or sportwoman will always prefer the shoes which provide them comfort and confidence to deal with the naute of their game and play .

The modern technology has made shoes as comfortable as we can think . Now we have shoes for every sport that is played in the world .

The aim of the shoes made with technology is not only to show the trend of the day but make travelling and workign life as comfortable as possible .

Sports sheos – sports shoes have become so cozy and supporitve to the sportmen and women that without them the results which take sportpersons to medal podium cannot come.

Different games shoes –

Even if someone plays badminton he or she has choice of playing with the specailly designed shoes for the game . And the shoes for badminton are made with consideration of the fast movememts which a player has to make in the court .

Shoes for runing have specal cushions in it so that the heels do not get the thumping which normally happens during runing .

Weight lifting has become another sport where one can not lift the weight without shoes designed for the lifting . All the different positons which lifter goes through during lifting process are taken into consideration when lifting shoes are designed .

So in short we can say that for every activity which a man or woman does in his or her life can be supported or improved by having the shoes for the paritcular activity.

Now modern fashion designers have recognise the importanc which shoes play in our fashion life .

Without decent pair of shoes one cannot go to a party or marriage ceremoney because shoes are overall part of the fashion .

The most importatnt things in mind , when we are on good shoes , which gets confidence to face the people and stand tall among them .

shoes are becoming important part of the fashion accessories . The overall fashion is never complete without decent pair of shoes to complements the dress. The choice of selecting the shoes have increased with the coming of ecommerce companies . And the wide spread use of smartphones has empowered the common man and woman to access ecommerence site for fashion .

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